KWAGALA GROUP, the much envied social club of Kampala’s rich and famous is on the verge of collapse following the bitter fall out between it’s key members, Sudhir Ruparelia and Godfrey Kirumira.


Best mates for years, Sudhir and Chairman Kirumira- as he’s fondly known- have not been talking since late 2017.

Sudhir accused Kirumira of not being loyal.and accused him of betrayal at the height of the Crane bank takeover by the Central Bank.
Their bromance, sources tell us, developed cracks in 2017 when Kirumira distanced himself from Sudhir’s Crane Bank.

While appearing on BBS, a local television in 2017, Kirumira insisted he had nothing to do with Sudhir’s bank, claiming he had never got any money from the bank into his account.

He challenged anyone accusing him to table evidence.

“I wasn’t a shareholder or partner in that bank, and I didn’t sit on the board and so how do you implicate me in the Shs400 billion saga.

Kirumira, without disclosing the name of the said person, whom he referred to as CEO, said that very person tried

very hard to drag him into the Kasiwukira murder.

Some thought he indirectly referred to Sudhir.

Businessman Kasiwukira, real name Erias Bugembe, was murdered in Munyonyo as he went for a jog.
Then, there were reports that a member of Kwagalana (Kirumira) was behind his murder.
Since then, their relationship developed cracks, with Sudhir accusing Kirumira of dishonesty, disrespect and disloyalty.

“Of course Sudhir has kept his distance. He was hugely hurt by Kirumira. And he never forgives,” anl Ruparelia Group insider told us.

As a result, Sudhir has terminated all business dealings with Kirumira and his family.
For example, Kirumira’s son Gideon had a contract to supply food to all Sudhir’s schools.

The contract was terminated.

Efforts of members of Kwagalana to reconcile the pair have hit a dead end.

Nowadays Kirumira spends most of his free time at Hotel Africana.
And now sources tell us the cold war between the two is affecting the operations of Kwagalana club.

Sudhir and his side kicks have distanced themselves from the group. It must be noted that since it’s inception, Kirumira has been the group’s focal point, usually at the centre of any organization, thus the moniker Chairman.


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