There are some interesting things coming up for the television market.

City businessman SK Mbuga has acquired STV (Standard Television) and is set to launch a second channel to target two different markets.
Word doing the rounds is that he has as much as $3 million (Shs10 million) to invest in equipment, product development, and marketing.
Both stations will be located in Bunga.

And we have also learnt that too Kenyan station, Citizen Television could launch a channel in

Kampala soon.

This stunning news comes just days after businessman Sir Gordon Wavamunno announced that he could return with a revitalized WBS television.

There are unconfirmed reports that a one Kojja Kimbowa has put on hold his Planet Broadcasting Services (PBS) television station preferring to buy shares into ABS television, an already established outfit.

Television is in for interesting times indeed.

However it remains to be seen what the prospects of these upcoming stations with most television stations launched over the last five years really struggling to survive.
For the past few years, Bukedde, NTV and NBS have dominated the television airwaves.


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