Bebe cool is son to Bidandi Ssali
Bebe cool is son to former Minister of local government- Bidandi Ssali

Bebe Cool has responded to fellow musician King Saha’s jibe where he labeled him as a fool insisting it’s not the first time he has been called such.

Yesterday King Saha released a list of Uganda’s most ‘stupid’ artistes of the last decade.
Bebe Cool took all the ten spots on the list.

Responding to the rather hilarious list, Bebe said the list doesn’t bother

him at all.

He said: “I have been called a fool for so many years, so what King Saha did is not new to me. I dont care what people call me am used to insults. My dad one time also called me a fool but did that stop me from being successful?, All I want is him to stop using drugs that was my advice.”

King Saha has been throwing tantrums on Facebook ever since Bebe released a list of the musicians of 2019.
He warned Saha to quit weed or risk destroying his budding music career.

This did not go well with Saha.


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