By Desire Luzinda

On a regular, i get countless DMs, from young ladies out there going through strives, struggling with life so much, in that some are at their surrender-points !

Some of these are looking for money. As we talk, I realize their zeal to work is quite minimal.

I always ask them, “Yes, you want to give up. Give up to what?! Do you want to die ! To me, giving up means DEATH. There is no way you can want to live and still give up”

No matter the situation, you can not give up to your troubles and to the world because it is not gonna make life any better. Some of us till to date we have to make tough decisions as long as it makes us better people the next day.

While some choose to disclose to me, i don’t pressure them

to do so. I leave room for privacy. I focus my attention on how someone is feeling.
Back-and-forth to the matter, it is about giving up.

Even when you choose to give up it does not remain permanent but rather the after effects are what hold you in bondage.

The choice lies in your thumb. It starts with you! We have all hit rock bottom at some point but we did not come out of it over night. It took us #FAITH, #RESILIENCE, #FORGIVENESS AND #PERSISTENCE!

The greatest problem that lies in us is #COMPARISON.
While in some circumstances it can be motivating to compare yourself to others, in most circumstances it is negative as it blocks you from realizing the little progress you are making in your life.

Comparison can lead you into debts, a feeling of defeat, unhappiness and a waste of time. 99% of the successful people have a story!

To you young ladies and anyone struggling, do not give up. No body makes it to the top without a certain level of sacrifice and input.


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