Pastor Robert Kayanja expressing gratitude to God for Madina

Amid ululations and cheers, former Muslim Madina Kansiime Nambooze graduated from Miracle Bible College (MBC), together with over 1300 other students and ministry leaders from different parts of the country.

Previously known as ‘Hajjat Madina’, the well-known singer who denounced Islam and gave her life to Christ in June 2019, successfully completed her studies in discipleship.

In her remarks at the graduation ceremony presided over by Pastor Robert Kayanja on Monday, Madina expressed gratitude to God for the victory, describing it as an epic achievement in her life.

“I am so grateful that what I see

today is so different. Even my understanding is different,” Madina said.

“She came here very sick, but look at her today! What a mighty God we serve,” Pastor Kayanja interjected.

Madina left Islam during the 77 Days of Glory revival meeting, and later told local press she wasn’t targeting financial support or sympathy from the church, “I specifically went there to get saved,” she explained then.

“I decided to get saved, and receive Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior.” she said. “No one forced me to make this decision. Whether there is money or not, I do not mind. I made this decision from the bottom of my heart and with my entire soul. I am going to get baptized.


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