Golden Band singer Ronald Mayinja asked President Yoweri Museveni for Shs2 billion to ‘finish’ Bobi Wine’s political career.

This stunning report comes days after the singer launched his own pressure group, after ending his association with People Power.
Mayinja launched a pressure group, Peace For All, All For Peace.
Since it launch, Mayinja has faced the wrath of Bobi Wine’s supporters.

Now reports circulating on social media indicate Mayinja met with Museveni on 31st of last month in Kisozi, Gomba.
Unlike with the former prime minister Amama Mbabazi who also met Museveni on the same day, and agreed to share his pictures while meeting with President, Mr Mayinja didn’t like the idea of sharing his pictures meeting with President.

He instead asked to keep a low profile as he begins his new assignments.

Mayinja, we are told, on meeting the president asked for Sus2 billion to promote his new political pressure group.

He told Museveni that he would use the pressure group to neautralise Bobi.
As he explained, Museveni listened attentively before he directed tge singer is given Shs600 million shillings in cash, with more to come as he executed his duties.

Catherine Kusasira helped Mr. Mayinja to meet a president.