SHOWY socialite Charles Alimi alias Sipapa has been thrown out of his rented home in a Kampala suburb.

Sipapa was thrown out today morning with landlord accusing him of defaulting on seven months rent worth millions.
The furious landlord stormed the apartment accompanied by Police and dragged Sipapa out of bed in his boxers.

All efforts to plead for more time fell on deaf ears.

Sipapa has made a name by showing off in expensive cars and often throwing money around.

Sipapa’s journey is from humble beginnings.
Back in the day he had always been a humble man from Mbale who started out in Makindye as a casual laborer.
He grew from a casual laborer who had nothing but his borrowed tools back in 2000, to a rich music promoter who was at one time very close to musician Jose Chameleone.

Sipapa has battled various cases including fraud and theft.

He has issues with Interpol for allegedly stealing cars from the UK and reselling them around East Africa.
He was recruited into city gangs back when he was still a youth in Makindye. The gangs introduced him to the black business of theft and the like. He was given lawyers and told what to do

when he got into trouble and he has never looked back.

Sipapa was also taken into fitness classes where they taught him different skills of fighting an opponent and how he can defend himself. He then accumulated a lot of money from dirty dealings across the city. The money was pumped into music to promote his artistes.

This is how Sipapa met up with Dr. Jose Chameleone. He begged him to work on a song with Melody, an upcoming singer that he was pushing at the time.


Sipapa is said to have paid Chameleone a lot of money to make the collabo a big success. This cemented his place in the music industry. Things got out of hand when he fell for the same woman with Chameleone.


The upcoming singer came between them and ended their relationship and significantly affected his grip on the music industry as a promoter.

As problems come in bundles, a few weeks after the fall out, Sipapa’s past started haunting him. He was hunted by Uganda Police shortly after for cases of theft just before Interpol closed in on him over fraud.

However he always finds his way out, and lately is a strong NRM mobiliser.


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