Ambassador Bebe Cool’s continued fight to end Tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda has today seen him raid Kisenyi, one of the biggest Kampala ghettos.

The artiste is Uganda’s TB ambassador and has been involved in various screening exercises in Kampala, and Jinja.

And today the singer with his Amber Heart Foundation visited Kisenyi to screen more people of TB and HIV.

“Today I joined Amber Heart Foundation and Defeat TB in an activity carried out in Kisenyi, a Kampala suburb.

We are carrying out free TB and HIV tests in these areas and it’s in this kind of ghetto setting that

you find many TB cases.

By the quick response from the ghetto youths, we have managed to collect alot of sputum samples and this has encouraged us to go back and test more people.
Many people have TB but they dont know.

TB is a curable disease with free drugs from all government hospitals.
You must complete the 6 months treatment as prescribed by the doctor.
Failure to complete the treatment,you most likely to get the MDR TB which requires 12 months of treatment.

As a friend once said, “I have tuberculosis (TB). I need care and support. Not stigma.”


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