A SECRET lesbian association, recruiting school going girls, corporates, born-agains, in Kampala is today exposed.

The burgeoning association has thousands of members and operates two Facebook Groups.

The two groups; Lesbian Organization Uganda and Uganda Lesbian and Gay Pride Society boast thousands of members from all walks of life.

These Facebook groups are Secret/Closed. This implies that information shared within is only accessed by members, meaning your daughter, best friend, sister, wife, mother or even grand mom could be a member.


They organise trips all over the country with the one having taken place on Independence day.


However, most of the members are young girls aged between 18 to 30.

All activities inside the group, from posts, likes, messages, and chats are only seen by members on their respective timelines.

This is because the group is set as secret (confidential).
And only group admins can add a member after thorough scrutiny. A questionnaire is set to one’s email. You must be totally convincing to be added.



The forums are discribed as communication focal points which promote unity among their community.

The groups also aim to make all LGBTQI feel safe and welcome in Uganda.
“This is our safe space,” our source told us.
Apart from the closed user Facebook pages, they also have WhatsApp forums, where all their intimacy is shared.


Individuals interact and discuss anything in what they termed as private space on digital media.

They organise trips all over the country with the one having taken place on Independence day.
The sex filled trip was organised by Leah Kalungi, a former beauty queen. On these trips, the group aims at connecting queer travellers to one another in hopes of building a solid network of LGBTQI. They also engage in sex orgies.


In her message to members, Kalungi wrote: “Girls only roadtrip to Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Those interested, inbox me.”

In another post, she describes it as a ‘Lesbian only Roadtrip.’

Sensatinally, one lesbian is filmed proposing to another in a Kasanga based church with a one Pastor Simon presiding over.

This church, we understand, is their spiritual home.


They also visit specific bars where they hook up for the worldly pleasures.

There bars are Epic bar, a wine shop in Wandengeya near the traffic lights, another one on Bidandi Road in Ntinda, and another on Cement hill.

According to info on our desk, these lesbians have inflitrated universities, high schools, and the working class.

St. Mary’s Kitende and the St. Lawrence Schools are the most inflitrated among high schools.

Some of the members include two daughters of a top UPDF officer, one identified as Sheila Luwice (on Facebook) and a one Phyllys. Sheila is dating Lucky.


Interestingly, Miss Rwanda 2017 is also a member. Miss Tourism eastern region is part of the group as well.

One of their leaders goes by the Facebook name JOH ani tah.

For the past few years the list of gay/lesbian Ugandans has been growing.

Activists estimated in 2007 that the Ugandan LGBT community consisted of 500,000 people.
Under the Penal Code, “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” between two males carries a potential penalty of life imprisonment.

The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 was passed on 17 December 2013 with a punishment of life in prison for “aggravated homosexuality”.


The law brought Uganda

into international spotlight, and caused international outrage, with many governments refusing to provide aid to Uganda anymore.

In August 2014, the Uganda Constitutional Court annulled the law.

Here are photos (Part 1)…

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