Here’s a video of a smitten lesbian ask a teenage looking girl for a hand in marriage.

And sensationally, this happens in a Kampala  church with the pastor wildly cheering the couple on.

The church is located in Kansanga, in Kampala.

The pastor is identified only as Pastor Simon. And our insiders tell us he is one of the leaders of the LGBTQI community in Uganda.

Yesterday, we exclusively told of how lesbians had infiltrated Kampala and Uganda at large, recruiting in schools, churches, nightclubs and within the corporate world.

This shocking revelation shocked the nation.

Since then, we have received thousands of phone calls, WhatsApp messages with many commending us for a great job done.

However, a few are unhappy with our expose.

In the stunning church video, a lesbian is seen waxing lyrical on her young looking lover before she gets on one knee and pops the big question.

The teen lover accepts her proposal as Pastor Simon jumps in excitement.

We could not readily establish the names of this gay couple though.

However a source tells us the church in question is popular with the gay association, with the owner said to be a LGBTQI member as well.

He is also a ‘Man of God.’

The burgeoning secret lesbian association has thousands of members and operates two Facebook Groups and numerous WhatsApp forums.