SEXUALLY Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and other strange diseases including Hepatitis B, throat and mouth cancer are the order of the day in the secret Kampala Lesbian group, a former member has confided.

Mouth Cancer is also referred to as oral cavity cancer and can occur on the lips, gums, tongue, inner lining of the cheek, roof of the mouth and floor of the mouth (under the tongue).

It is caused by a sexually transmitted virus called Human Papilloma virus (HPV).
These cancers are rampant in the lesbian community because of the high level of oral sex involved in their sexual processes.

Hepatitis B on the other hand, is an infection of the liver. It can cause scarring of the organ, liver failure, and cancer. It can be fatal if it isn’t treated.
It’s spread when people come in contact with the blood, open sores, or body fluids of someone who has the hepatitis B virus.

As with the community, it spreads through unprotected sex.

According to our source- the former member- these disease and other STDs are common in the association.

This is majorly because of multiple sexual partners shared in the group.

“Reckless sex is the order of the day in the group. For them, their life is all about sex. You have sex (kiss, lick and finger) as many girls as possible.

That’s why most end up contracting diseases like cancer of the mouth and Hepatitis B because they don’t check each other first, and don’t use any protection,” the source told Xclusive UG.

The same sex trade has been on the increase in Uganda with many young people recruited.
Last week we told of how a lesbian association had inflitrated schools, churches and the corporate world.

We also exposed a daughter of UPDF boss who is at the centre of the Kampala lesbian storm.

Facebooker Sheila Luwice-a daughter of a UPDF General- was exposed as the ‘ring leader’ in the highly secretive lesbian association.

Sheila is one of the the admins of the WhatsApp and secret Facebook page where same sex fans share intimate moments.
Her sensual private messages with a number of girls were published.

In the messages, it is easy to tell that rampant Sheila is a womaniser who has various partners.

“You are the sweetest woman i have ever slept with,” she writes to one partner before waxing lyrical about another one.
We have established that one of her lovers in Lucky, a university student.


we understand, has been on a recruiting spree even convincing her younger sister, Phylis, to join the association.
This stunning expose comes hours after a video of a smitten lesbian asking a teenage looking girl for a hand in marriage in church made the rounds.

The church is located in Kansanga, in Kampala.

Since then, we have received thousands of phone calls, WhatsApp messages with many commending us for a great job done.

However, a few are unhappy with our expose.

In the stunning church video, a lesbian is seen waxing lyrical on her young looking lover before she gets on one knee and pops the big question.

The teen lover accepts her proposal as Pastor Simon jumps in excitement.
We could not readily establish the names of this gay couple though.

However a source tells us the church in question is popular with the gay association, with the owner said to be a LGBTQI member as well.

He is also a ‘Man of God.’

The burgeoning secret lesbian association has thousands of members and operates two Facebook Groups and numerous WhatsApp forums.

The two groups; Lesbian Organization Uganda and Uganda Lesbian and Gay Pride Society boast thousands of members from all walks of life.
These Facebook groups are Secret/Closed. This implies that information shared within is only accessed by members, meaning your daughter, best friend, sister, wife, mother or even grand mom could be a member.

However, most of the members are young girls aged between 18 to 30.

All activities inside the group, from posts, likes, messages, and chats are only seen by members on their respective timelines.

This is because the group is set as secret (confidential).
And only group admins can add a member after thorough scrutiny. A questionnaire is set to one’s email. You must be totally convincing to
be added.

The forums are discribed as communication focal points which promote unity among their community.

The groups also aim to make all LGBTQI feel safe and welcome in Uganda.
“This is our safe space,” our source told us.
Apart from the closed user Facebook pages, they also have WhatsApp forums, where all their intimacy is shared. Individuals interact and discuss anything in what they termed as private space on digital media.

They organise trips all over the country with the one having taken place on Independence day.

The sex filled trip was organised by Leah Kalungi, a former beauty queen. On these trips, the group aims at connecting queer travellers to one another in hopes of building a solid network of LGBTQI. They also engage in sex orgies.


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