PRESIDENT YOWERI Museveni has been the biggest news maker in Uganda for the past 40 years. Undoubtedly.

And this is by virtue of his position in the nation’s leadership. As a result, he’s made news for not only the good, but bad reasons as well, regarding the execution of his duties.

All that aside, our dear leader has also dominates news for his fashion sense. Or lack of it.

The aging president has often times been buffet for trolls.

Well, trolls on social media always seem to have field days picking on Museveni over his larger than life outfits.

The oversize suits he wears have often taken center stage with social media users asking the Ugandan president to ditch his tailor.

However at times, there’s a marked improvement, with the president spotting fitting wear. Case in point is during last

year’s first Africa-Russia summit held in Moscow.

Mzee killed it!

While most Ugandans think his daughter Natasha Karugire, a fashion designer is behind Museveni’s designs, Xclusive UG can reveal that she’s not.

Enter Hope Nyakairu. That’s the person who dresses Museveni.
She is a cousin to first lady Janet Museveni, and has been under-secretary for finance and administration at State House for over 10 years. She is in charge of the money and those who work in State House say she silently wields more clout than many.

Mrs Nyakairu is the one in charge of doing shopping for the president as well.
She’s the only one, apart from first lady Janet maybe, who knows M7’s size, and buys all his clothes and everything personal he needs.

She does his shopping in exclusive stores in London or New York. On such trips, she moves alone after consulting with the president on colors, and designs he prefers.


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