Dancehall musician Michael Mugwanya- alias King Michael- is set to release a new dancehall music album titled Nkuswama.

According to studio insiders, the much awaited album is ready and it’s expected to bring the musician back to the top of the music industry.
Recently, Michael announced he had quit
politics and announced he was going to concetrate on music for his fans.
This was in a bid to reignite his faltering music career.
And going forward, King Michael insists that politics is something of the past and asked Bobi Wine and People Power to forgive and forget as
they look to the future.

And true to his

word, the singer is set to release a new album by April.
One of the songs on the album was written for Michael by talented writer A-Pass.

And he further revealed that he will hold a press conference to announce a listener’s party. At the party, fans will win goodies including TShirts and caps.

Speaking to Xclusive UG, Michael asked promoters all over the world to book him since he’s no longer into politics which had proven divisive lately.
And thankfully he is already landing mega deals.
Meanwhile his musicians in Dancehall Crew including Ragga Silva and Kakopa are also working on mew music projects.


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