President Yoweri Museveni has revealed the secret that has made his marriage with first lady tick for the last 47 years.

And he warned cowardly men who beat women, saying there is nothing manly about it.

“I have been with Hon Janet Museveni for 47 years, I have never even pushed her,” Museveni said on Sunday.

He added: “It is a weakness to beat a woman or even a child, I don’t believe in beating, I believe in talking.”

The president was addressing the national celebrations of the international women’s day are underway at Malukhu grounds in Mbale Municipality.

The president thanked the UN and European Union for selecting Uganda as a spotlight country.

“I hope that all the resources you have will be used to strengthen economic independence.”

In terms of sensitization, Museveni went on, “we should tell the men that beating a woman is cowardly”.

He said the men think beating women is in order, some of the women think it is traditional.

So, there is an attitude problem. The law is in place against beating women, says Museveni.

In her Women’s Day message, first lady said women are a strong resource to the development of

this great nation.

“I would suggest that we agree on a theme annually, which we then celebrate on the 8th of March, having made some gains.”

She added: “Then we can measure our progress and see our impact on our nation.”

Hinged on the theme “Celebrating 25 Years of the 1995 Constitution: Milestones on promoting Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Uganda,” the function at Maluku Administration grounds in Mbale District attracted a huge crowd.

The national theme for the celebration was selected in recognition of the important role women play in society and to celebrate the liberties and opportunities the Uganda government and the 1995 Uganda Constitution gave to women and the girl child.

President Museveni who was the Chief Guest at the function accompanied by the First Lady, Mama Janet Museveni, said women empowerment can best be achieved through economic independence.

He said his administration has put in place several initiatives to empower women economically.

The president said that the Ugandan government has already made many strides in women emanicipation such as the 1.5 points added to girls joining University, equal opportunities that has mostly been embraced by the Armed Forces where any fit person joins regardless of gender and raising the number of women in parliament among others.


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