Here are photos of musician Cindy Sanyu’s fiance’s official wife and kids.

Last evening the talented musician announced her engagement, days after holding up her successful music concert.

The Boom Party singer told her legion of followers how she said Yes to Joel Akuyo Atiku, a renown actor, model and former university lecturer.

But looks like that’s not just about Atiku.
He is already a husband and father to two kids.

And here’s evidence.

The wife goes by names of Dollyiantha Phiona Mukasa aka Dolly Bubu (Facebook names), Dollybubu on Instagram.

Dollyiantha is also an actress.

It has also been revealed between 2012-14, Atiku was on more than one occasion arrested for leading a racket of crooks into trafficking of innocent teenage girls.

He was also suspected of dealing in drugs.
However his cases died, and since then not much has been said about him.

Whereas not much is known about the function, Cindy posted the video on her Instagram page, “I said yes. Please ignore the bad footage it is from the waitress.”

Cindy and Prince Atiku had kept their romance off the social scene.
We do not know if this has anything to do with the fact that Atiku has another wife and a child.

Cindy, had been in a

relationship with an Italian man Mario Brunette for nine years until 2016 when they broke up.

Cindy accused Mario of being a racist and shunning marriage as he was only interested in sex. The two former lovebirds have a daughter together.

On the other hand, Atiku, according to scanty details broke up with his wife in the recent past. He had been seeing Cindy for some time.

Atiku who is also a photographer lectures at Uganda Christian University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (BSWSA) plus Makerere University.

His film acting breakthrough came when he was cast as the Devil’s reincarnation in Ugandan director Matt Bish’s 2007 Film Battle of the Souls, a popular Ugawood Movie. It was based on the real-life story of the director’s brother, KFM Radio Presenter Roger Mugisha. Joel is also the President of his own company The Lhynnq-X, Inc.

Born in Arua on 4 December 1983 to a Lugbara couple, Major Gabriel Francis Atiku and Yema Drakuru Atiku, his debut villain role won him over five international accolades including Best Supporting Actor at the Balafon Film Festival in Bari, Italy (2008) and 2009’s Best Actor in Supporting Role at the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Lagos, Nigeria.

Other awards include Best Actor at both Ubuntu Village, Colorado (USA) in 2010 and the 2011 Zanzibar International Film Festival [ZIFF] in Tanzania. Ugandan newspaper The Observer labelled Okuyo Africa’s Brad Pitt.


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