Superstar Bebe Cool has finally unveiled his multi-million recording studio, Gagamel Records, and offered registered musicians- in UMA- discounts, as the country stands together in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

The studio, one of its kind, is located on Stretcher Ntinda, just opposite The Uganda AIDS Commission.
The studio is fully equipped with the latest Hi-Tech equipment.

Musician Bebe Cool announced bumper discounts as he unveiled the studio.

He announced: “As the world is facing one of the hardest tests ever, so many types of people are economically affected in a way including us the recording artistes who’s business has directly been halted.

As I always say, leadership is granted by God/Allah,he chose president Museveni for UGANDA for the best reason.
Many months ago I spoke about the president’s contribution towards the Gagamel audio and video studio to elevate the quality of production both audio and visual and here i guess he did not know what was coming next.

The most important part of an understanding human being is the brain and it’s at such a time that it can be seriously affected due to idleness. Restricting a human brain from alot of things it’s used to is so dangerous that most people can end up taking DESPERATE measures,and it’s at this point that i remind musicians that our job has been directly negatively impacted on BUT we are blessed to have a special president as I said before.

Let us all recording artistes be an example to our people of UGANDA, take this opportunity to continue working by sitting home,write and record music.

This will not only give you more

good music but also keep your brain away from stress, keep you strong and am sure at the end of this Corona virus war, you will reap more than your ever dreamt.


Gagamel Records would like to inform all professional recording artistes in UGANDA registered with UMA that you have an offer to record your music with us using the world first class audio and visual hard and software by paying maintenance fees only.

For audio recording, studio time of one song is 150 thousand UGANDA shillings only (150,000/=)for a three hour session.

For visual recording, camera RED GEMINI hiring,it will cost you six hundred thousand shillings only (600,000/=) for TEN hours.

All bookings will be done through UMA(UGANDA MUSICIANS ASSOCIATION)on 0705563653 and recording will begin with effect from Monday 30th March.

This offer has terms and conditions that apply and I will mention a few:
1-Its a first come first serve offer.
2-No artiste or anyone in company of the artiste will be allowed on the premises if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
3-You are not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke at the premises.
4-Every artiste can only be accompanied by two people of his choice.
The rest of the rules and regulations are minor and will be communicated by the UMA management.”


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