FURIOUS President Yoweri Museveni is strongly considering tightening the rules on isolation as reports show that many reckless Ugandans continue to defy government set safety guidelines.

It’s understood that the president and health ministery officials are considering how much the public’s behaviour has changed in response to restrictions brought in over recent days.

While there’s unanimous agreement that a section of Ugandans are observing the regulations, a few others continue to live as normal.

This has infuriated the president.

Last evening, the president came just short of banning public transport which he described as the last challenge in the fight against Covid-19.

“On the issue of public transport, I am calling upon each of you to support us. We still have issues on this particular matter and require effort from everyone. What I can ask of you is; If you do not have a personal car, bicycle, motorcycle, or have no access to one, please avoid unnecessary travel by public means. Where are you going?

The owners of these public transport means, let us work hand in hand with the ministry to set up specific operations to safeguard our people. There should be place where people can wash hands and some soap.

Avoid crowding so many passengers in the car. Some of you want to carry five passengers on seats meant for three people, this is doing a disservice to this country and I call upon our traffic enforcement teams to apprehend such people,” Mr. Museveni advised last


But now idiotic Ugandans are pushing the president into taking drastic measures.
And a source tells us these could include banning public transport among others.

Options include closing non-essential retail businesses, or potentially policing the rules – possibly introducing fines on those who break the government’s advice against non-essential travel.
“It could be a total lockdown,” a source said.

This comes just hours after police swung into action and arrested several teachers and pupils at Daffodil Primary School and Kabojja Junior School, Kitante branch for defying President Museveni’s order on gatherings.

The president last week ordered all schools to close whereas any political, social, cultural or any other form of gatherings were also banned for a period of 32 days to avoid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Party animals drink from a supermarket

However, on Monday, Kira road police led by the DPC, Michael Kasigire swung into action to raid the schools after being alerted of gatherings.

“At Daffodil, we found 53 teachers gathered whereas at Kabojja Junior School, there were 21 teachers and five pupils. Our investigations indicate that the five children had come to do interviews,” Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said.

Yesterday, a number of religious leaders were arrested for holding prayers, contrary to the set guidelines.
Last week, we published a story of people pictured and filmed drinking alcohol and eating bread in a supermarket in Kampala.

Some bars, the president is aware, continue to operate clandestinely.

Watch this space!


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