Natty Dread

CELEBRATED Ugandan journalist, Tony Babara alias Natty Dread, currently detained in a Rwanda prison has admitted to using marijuana for medicine.

Rastafarian Natty Dread was found in possession of marijuana sticks and arrested on March14 by Rwanda Investigations Buruea (RIB).
His case file was transferred to the Prosecutions office a few days later and is waiting for his case to be heard into substance at Kicukiro Primary Court.

Now our source tells us Natty has admitted to smoking marijuana but only for his asthma.

“Yeah, Natty admitted to using weed. He says it help him on his asthma. It will now depend on relations between the two countries, but mostly, they are likely to caution and release him,” our Rwanda source told us.

However, the Rwandan penal code punishes consumption, injection, and inhalation of narcotic drugs with a term of imprisonment ranging between one and three years, and a fine of between Rwf50,000 and Rwf500,000.

The sentence for those in the trade chain within the country goes up to five years of imprisonment and a fine that can

go up to Rwf5 million. The punishment is double for those involved in transnational trade.


Last week, we told of how the celebrated media personality, known mostly for covering President Yoweri Museveni and State House events, was languishing in a Rwanda jail.
Natty Dread was arrested last month on Valentine’s Day (14th February) in the capital Kigali.
He had travelled to the Rwandan capital to cover a musical concert headlined by renowned singing group, Kassav.
Kassav , is considered the most famous in the history of the Zouk music genre.
The group performed at The Kigali Conventional Centre with first lady, Janneatte Kagame in attendance.

Speculation was that Natty could have been arrested after an altercation with the first lady’s presidential guards who were on duty on the night.
Speaking to Xclusive UG, the Rwanda Buruea of Investigations (RIB) spokesperson, Michelle Umuhoza, said rastafarian Natty Dread was arrested over drugs.
However she could not delve into more details.

“Yes, he (Natty Dread) is in custody here in Rwanda. However, I cannot offer more details. His file was sent to prosecution, you should be able to get everything you want to know there,” Ms Umuhoza told us.

She further revealed the Ugandan embassy in Rwanda had been informed.


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