There’s shock and fear after two unidentified men collapsed dead in Nakulabye.

A video of the two men who have died instantly outside a building that is opposite Club Ambiance in Nakulabye, a Kampala city suburb is doing the rounds.

This happened a few hours ago, and according to a shared social media video. It is said that the two died while struggling to breath, a major symptom of Coronavirus.

This called attention from all corners and sadly enough, everyone was near them asking themselves whether that is the way Coronavirus kills.
Although these reports

have not been confirmed by any health body or health expert, eye witnesses described the way exact symptoms the two deceased men showcased while dying.

This comes just hours after Uganda registered 8 more Coronavirus cases shooting the number to 9 within a period of two days. Uganda is one of the countries that registered a positive case of Coronavirus and it has put all measures possible to curb the spread of the deadly virus including closing her international airport Entebbe.

Following the video, Ugandans are now calling for a major lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus.

Again, it’s not yet confirmed what led to these Nakulabye deaths.


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