COPS and other forces took over Kampala business centre as efforts to enforce social distancing and other directives by government.

However, some security personnel were pictured wrongly battering food vendors.
Last night, President Yoweri Museveni made adjustments on markets directing that only food stuffs should be sold.

“Whereas the government will not close markets, there will be some adjustments. With immediate effect, markets should only be used for sale of foodstuffs.
We are talking about items like matooke, sweet potatoes, cassava, rice, beans, cowpeas, beef, chicken, vegetables, etc.

Trading of non-food items in the markets is suspended immediately. There should not be sale of items like clothes, necklaces, phones, sandals, shoes, etc.
We expect this to greatly reduce numbers in the markets and help enforce social distancing,” Mr. Museveni announced.

However, security ignored this directive and have since been beating up and confiscating vendors food items.

That aside, law officers were seen standing outside stores in Kampala to limit the amount of people pouring into supermarkets amid the coronavirus crisis.

This new measures come after the president addressed the nation last evening, introducing new measures.

Apart from markets being disrupted, Museveni suspended

public transport for 14 days. This directive affects taxis, coasters, minibuses, buses, all passenger trains, tukutukus (tricycles) and bodabodas carrying passengers. The rationale is to minimise movement and contact among people.

Only private vehicles are allowed to operate and these should not have more than three passengers, including the driver, at any single time.
Other vehicles that are not affected by this suspension are the trucks (lorries) delivering cargo, delivery vans, and pick-ups delivering essential commodities and food. None of these vehicles should be used to ferry passengers.

Hospital ambulances, vehicles belonging to the security forces and some key government institutions doing essential work, plus those offering sanitary services are also exempt of this suspension.

On government work, Museveni said: “I have also directed government ministries, agencies and departments to work out plans where only essential staff report for duty in the offices.
The non-essential staff should work from home. Critical agencies like the Uganda Revenue Authority will continue in full operation.

Out of this pandemic, we must learn new ways of doing business. We must find ways of trading but with minimal human contact. For example, the supermarkets should consider doing deliveries using for example bodabodas (which can only carry cargo but not passengers).”


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