Jinja Resident District Commissioner (RDC) is on the spot once again after he reportedly battered, tortured a People Power mobiliser in Jinja following a disagreement during a radio debate

Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi- alias Bobi Wine- claims RDC Joseph Eric Sakwa of torturing a one Pastor Andrew Muwanguzi.

RDC Sakwa

Pastor Muwanguzi is one of the People Power coordinators in Busoga Region, Eastern Uganda.

Yesterday, he appeared on Baba FM radio station for a talk show called Council Yaife with the Jinja District RDC, one Sakwa Erick Joseph. The RDC apparently was saying that President Museveni has powers which cannot be challenged by anyone, which Pastor Muwanguzi challenged.

An argument ensued and the RDC assaulted Muwanguzi from the studio and threatened to shoot him with a pistol which he had, before other people in the studio intervened.

When night fell, the RDC, working with some UPDF soldiers as well as some goons from Jinja town went and abducted Pastor Muwanguzi’s Bishop called Robert Sityo. They put him on gunpoint and asked him to call Muwanguzi and tell him that he was coming to meet him over an urgent matter at home. Afraid for his life, the Bishop took the assailants who included the RDC to Muwanguzi’s home.

“They were driving a super custom vehicle,” Bobi alleged.

He added: “When they got to his gate at about 10:30pm, Pastor Muwanguzi opened it thinking he was going to meet his Bishop. You can imagine the criminality! They immediately started beating

him without asking questions.”

In a Facebook post, Bobi further alleges the pastor was then bundled into the vehicle and tortured him for hours.

According to him (the pastor), one of the goons had a knife which he used to inflict some cuts on his body.

“They blind folded him and started driving him in circles while beating him and demanding that he apologises to President Museveni for opposing him! He was dropped at Nalufenya in the dead of the night where the beatings continued,” Bobi adds.

In the meantime, his mother who witnessed the ordeal became unconscious and was driven off to hospital. Thankfully she has since regained consciousness but she is still very traumatised as is the Bishop!

Later today, Pastor Muwanguzi was charged with a non-existent offence of “abusing the person of the President.”

“You can imagine! Upon being released on bond, he was taken to hospital where medical reports confirmed he sustained serious injuries!” Bobi added- “ow, Mr. Sakwa and his ilk need to understand that the people of Uganda are watching these atrocities committed on citizens. It is this same RDC who a few days ago ‘banned’ opposition leaders from stepping foot in Jinja.

President Museveni thinks he can silence the people of Uganda using such archaic force, but as sure as day follows night, he will certainly reap his due reward for these crimes against humanity.”

RDC Sakwa and Jinja police are yet to comment.


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