SHOWY UGANDAN businessman King Lawrence has offered a top South African actress 100,000 Rands (Shs27 million) for a dinner date.

The actress exposed King Lawrence's messages

The actress exposed King Lawrence’s messages

The Ugandan sangoma, also late Ivan Ssemwanga’s brother has been trending inn South African media over the offer astonishing offer he made.

The offer was made to South African film star known as Linda Mtoba, who plays Zama in the popular soap.

When actress Mtoba asked if her husband could also come to the date, Lawrence replied ‘it was tricky.’

Isibaya actress Linda Mtoba, who plays Zama in the popular soapie, tweeted a screenshot of a direct message she had received from King Lawrence, described as wealthy by South Africa media.

Lawrence asked her out on a date and, to make his proposal

even more enticing, offered to pay her R100 000 to have dinner with him at the exclusive Michelangelo Hotel in the heart of Sandton. Mtoba replied and asked if her husband could come along, to which the man responded it was ‘tricky’ and the date was supposed to be a ‘secret.’

King Lawrence exposed Juliana after a tryst

King Lawrence exposed Juliana after a tryst

Isibaya actress Linda Mtoba who recently got married to her man Steven Meyer.

Mtoba shared the conversation on Twitter with her 17 000 followers and said her family found the whole exchange hilarious.

King Lawrence is known for having a thing with female celebs. A few years back he enticed and lured local singer Juliana Kanyomozi into a bogus relationship and later displayed her knickers on social media.

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