The ban of Sachet Waragi…mostly known as kaveera waragi… has failed to take effect, at least for now.

Some months ago Trade and Industries minister Amelia Kyambadde announced the ban on production and sell of alcohol in small sachets would take effect on 30 September, three days ago.

Most Ugandans have resorted to the much cheaper sachet waragi

Most Ugandans have resorted to the much cheaper sachet waragi


The government position was relayed by the Minister during a media briefing at the Media Centre in Kampala which came after some district local governments had passed bi-laws against the consumption and production of the same.

“We have considered the output by the alcohol industry in terms of employment provision and revenue. This alcohol has also been associated with excessive consumption and abuse by the population especially the youth,” the Minister said then.

“We found it necessary as government to come up with measures that will control and protect our population. We realized that in order for the manufacturers or processors to transit from the packaging of Alcohol in sachets to bottles, we need to give them ample time to buy the necessary machinery or equipment to do

that,” Kyambade noted.

The ban has failed to take effect

The ban has failed to take effect


“Government will ban the sale of Alcohol in sachets effective 30th September 2017 and in the mean time, we have instructed manufacturers to slow down the sale of the minimum quantities especially those that are below 100ml.”

The Minister observed that there are a number of alcohol producers that are not registered with the Alcohol Association and these have been blamed for the production of lethal and toxic products.

“We therefore resolved that the Alcohol Association signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UNBS to certify only producers who are registered with them, so that once you are not registered, you are deemed illegal and not allowed to operate in the market.”

However three days since the ban was set to take effect, Ugandans are drinking sachet waragi more than ever.

A quick stroll through Kampala bars last night proved the consumption of kaveera waragi is in fact on the increase.

Kulisi, a waitress at Texas bar in Kireka told this website: “Customers love kaveera. We sell boxes everyday. And no authority has told us to stop the sale.”

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