SEXPEST Diamond Platinumz has finally admitted to cheating on Zari Hassan, and asked for forgiveness.

While appearing on Cloud TV in his home country Tanzania, the singer also admitted video vixen Hamisa Mobeto’s forty one year old baby is his.

Diamond and Zari have hit the rocks

Diamond and Zari have hit the rocks


Previously, Diamond has come out to strongly deny ever sleeping with Mobeto claiming she was just an attention seeker.

But following yesterday’s

photos where he was pictured in bed with Mobeto, the singer has finally admitted to fathering Mobeto’s child.

Diamond said on air: “I know about the baby, the baby is mine and I have been supporting Hamisa entirely. I paid up to 7 million Tanzania shillings for hospital bills.

I have been supporting her with 70, 000 TZ shillings daily for upkeep.

I entirely catered for the 40th Akiika. On 23rd is the baby face revealing dinner party. I have paid up the bill already at King Solomon Hall.”

It remains unclear whether Zari will forgive him.

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