Pop diva Jackie Chandiru could quit music after she suffered a major heart defect that causes death. Xclusive UG has sadly learnt that the Gold Digger singer has been undergoing several tests at Mengo Hospital and it is feared she has a big heart defect.

And to make matters worse for our favorite singer, her lover city lawyer Caleb Alaka has left her and returned to his former wife Linda Namuli. Chandiru now stays alone in Ntinda. According to a medic at Mengo hospital where she has been undergoing several tests, it is feared she could be having a coronary artery disease.

This can cause a heart attack. Heart attacks usually occur when a blood clot blocks the

flow of blood through a coronary artery — a blood vessel that feeds blood to a part of the heart muscle. Interrupted blood flow to your heart can damage or destroy a part of the heart muscle. This could even lead a sudden cardiac arrest.


Sudden cardiac arrest is the sudden, unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and consciousness. Sudden cardiac arrest usually results from an electrical disturbance in your heart that disrupts its pumping action and causes blood to stop flowing to the rest of your body. Sudden cardiac arrest almost always occurs in the context of other underlying heart problems, particularly coronary artery disease. Sudden cardiac arrest is a medical emergency. If not treated immediately, it is fatal, resulting in sudden cardiac death.

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