AN ERITREAN businessman has dragged Stanbic Bank Uganda and its top managers to court after $4 million…around shs15 billion… was dubiously withdrawn from his ‘murdered’ brother’s account.

Abraham Fessehaye, 40, accuses Stanbic Bank and its officials; Head of Risk George Mukasa, Josephine Kabaga and Juliet Nambatya of forgery to access his murdered brother Michael Gabremariam Teklegzi’s money on his account.

Xclusive UG can reveal Fessehaye particularly accuses the three bank officials lead by Mukasa of forgery for having at first insisted that Teklegiz was alive and had differently withdrawn $4 million from his account.

Stanbic Bank is on the spot over Shs15 billion

Stanbic Bank is on the spot over Shs15 billion

However they later fronted Eritrean nationals Suleiman Abdulkadir Juma and his wife Temit Tadesse Reda to withdraw Teklegiz money as people to who he (Teklegiz) had bequeathed his wealth.

The three bank officials, this website understands, forged Teklegiz signature and continued to withdraw money from the account.

Head of Risk George Mukasa is under investigations over theft

Head of Risk George Mukasa is under investigations over theft


At one point the purported that Teklegiz personally appeared and withdrew money amounting to $1500 (around Shs5.4 million) from his dollar account at Forest Mall Lugogo using a cash withdraw voucher for a savings account, yet he owned a Current Account whose withdrawals are only effected by Cheque.

Teklegiz’s brother Fessehaye further faults Mukasa and his accomplices of transferring Teklegiz’s account from Forest Mall to Garden City without his consent. He now wants Bank of Uganda to explain whether this is normal bank practice and if not punish the officials involved.

“The purported cash withdrawal vouchers allegedly signed by the account holder himself in person on April 4, 2015 and December 29, 2014 as well as the Telegraphic Transfer (TT) when

submitted to the handwriting expert for comparison and analysis with the signature card on the account opening documents partly obtained from the bank, reveals that it isn’t similar and therefore forged,” Fessehaye writes in his letter.


He further says that despite several court orders to Stanbic Bank to produce the video footage, cheque book request form, ATM card application form, bank statement, Transfer and Acceptance form from one branch to another, nothing has been availed.

Fessehaye goes on to reveal that when they asked for his brother Teklegiz’s bank account statement, the bank chose to avail a typed one which despite having a column indicating several withdrawals from October 12 2012 to November 26 2013, it shows that the available balance has remained constant at $578,036.

“I want bank of Uganda to clarify whether commercial banks in particular Stanbic bank are allowed to write customer’s statements manually, whether it is allowed to withdraw cash when the account is frozen, and whether it is proper for the bank to transact with a third party without any proper instructions from the account holder,” Fessehaye futher states.

We have further learnt that Stanbic Bank connived with their lawyer David Mpanga of AF Mpanga Advocates/Bowmans to forge different phone numbers and in particular +251944023171 to claim that they are contact with Teklegiz via Whatsapp, a social messaging platform.

Interestingly the above phone number is registered in two different names depending on the day. It is registered under Zegeye Aemero and Abel Mike on different days.


Meanwhile this website has independently learnt that Head of Risk Mukasa was recently summoned to South Africa by the parent company Standard Bank to answer to the above charges.

Mukasa was grilled for days and his laptop that allegedly has documents showing his dubious dealings confiscated by his continental bosses as investigations gather pace.

We contacted him for his side of story, he insisted no comment.

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