With barely a month left to be in Luzira Meddie Sentongo’s property has been attached.  The High Court ordered the seizure of Bad Black and Meddie’s properties which they attained from the sh11b which they allegedly stole from Daveshan Development (U) Ltd, a company co owned by Black’s ex-lover, David Greenhalgh.

According to the court order, the property was in danger of either
being sold off or disposed off by the owners which would not frustrate Greenhalgh’s intention to retrieve his stolen money. Until further notice, all the property was taken under court custody. Below is the list of properties owned by Meddie and Black which were
seized by the court:

Kyadondo Block 255 Munyonyo Meddie Ssentongo
Busiro Block 379 plot 1105 Meddie Ssentongo
Kyadondo Block 221 plot 1366 Naalya House
Kyadondo Block 257 plot 894 Munyonyo
Kyadondo Block 225 plot 1366 Munyonyo Meddie Ssentongo
Singo Block 528 Plot 19 Mityana Meddie Ssentongo
Singo Block 270 plot 2 Mubende Meddie Ssentongo
Kyadondo Block 130 plot 4 Meddie Ssentongo
Busiro block 352 plot 12 LRV 5223 Folio 15 Entebbe
Kyadondo Block 380 plot 4 Kyanja
Anderita beach house block 17 plot 2 Entebbe
Block 101 plot 31 Nkumba
Greenvalley houses block 2 plot 2
Unfurnished house block 80 plot 4 Mpigi
House block 22 plot Tanzania road
House block 10 plot 2 Bugonga road
70 acres of land on block 226 plot 6 Mukono
10 acres of land on block 102 plot 1 Kasenge
Block 125 plot 4 Najjera
House on block 250 plot 2 Kyengera
House on block 5 plot 11 Tanazia road
Block 16 plot 5 Munyonyo
Block 2 plot 8 Nsangi
Land on block 16 plot 8 Kitemu Masaka road
House on block 12 plot 32 Masaka Kitunzi sub county
Land on block 66 plot 10 Bwebajja Akright estate
Land on plot 27 plot 111 Namanve
Land on plot 3 block 11 Boda boda state at resort beach
4 houses on plot 2 block 15 Kyanja
Unfinished houses on plot 12 block 23 Buloba estate
Land on plot 11 block 50 Jomayi estate
House on plot 8 block 17 Lubaga road
Land on block 894 plot 3 Munyonyo
Stanbic bank A/C0140038434501 shs19,654,222,000 Meddie Ssentongo
3 Tundra Toyota pickups Meddie Ssentongo
Ford Explorer Meddie Ssentongo
BMW X6 UAP 304
Range Rover Sport No. UAP 838L
Mercedes Benz Black gal
Land on plot 1 block 1 Sir Apollo Kagwa
Land on plot 13 block 18 Kiruddu-Buziga
Harrier Toyota UAN 148P

Benz C200 UAP 488P Meddie Ssentongo
Flat 92 Tolbut Court, UK Lennox close, Romford
A/C62194432630 First Nation Bank SA Mukasa Properties
A/C023247541 Standard Bank SA Juuko Transport Srvcs
Land Cruiser Prado UAN 672M
Range Rover Sport UAQ 580L
Bar on plot 3 block 12, Entebbe Namaliwa area
House on plot 32 plot 180 (tenants) Kitoro Entebbe
House on plot 21 block 50 Kisasi above Delta Petro Stn
House on plot 70 block 110 Kyanja
Land on plot 120 block 221 Bunamwaya
House & land, plot 22 block 111 Zzana off Entebbe road
12 acres of land Kansanga off Gaba road
House on plot 6 plot 25 Tank hill, Muyenga
Rental house Off Entebbe road
Classic African Safaris Office Building Plot 1 block 13, Entebbe
Meddie Ssentongo
Land on plot 2 block 18 Mugwanya road, Entebbe
House on plot 8 block 17 Combe road, Entebbe
House on plot 1 block 22 Circular road Entebbe
Two rental apartments on plot 18 Kira
3 rental apartments on plot 20 block 18 Bahai road, Kisasi
House on plot 4 block 30 Albert Cook Road
House on plot 14 block 30 Salama road, Makindye division
Stanbic Bank A/C0140038434501 Kyotera Branch S2.4b) Meddie Ssentongo
50 acres of land Mityana Nassali S. Hilda
30 acres of land Mubende Muhammed Ssempira
1 acre of land Entebbe Nsereko Kagolo
30 decimal of land Munyonyo Aisha Nakabugo
25 Decimal of land Ntinda Muhammed Ssempira
Land on block 403 plot 92 Buzzi
Block 347 plot 2560
40 Decimal of land Munyonyo
Land Kigoma, Bombo road
Land Kawanda
House Kayunga
Land Busunju
Mortgaged land Kabowa
3 units of houses Najjera
Bank A/C9020034284 Centenary Bank Meddie Ssentongo
Bank A/C0100140817200 Standard Bank (sh694m)
Bank A/C Stanbic Bank (William St)
Bank A/C0140034146201 Stanbic Bank (Forest Mall)
House Zana
Vehicle Reg No UAR 727Q 2005 model
Block 255 plot 1 Kyadondo
Range Rover UAN 300D Sold
House Makindye Hamida, Friend
Land with 2 houses Near Nkumba
Land Najjanankumbi Amina, Meddie Sis
Property Najjera Abu Kiganda
3 acres of land Mutumbdwe
Houses Lukuli-Makidye Amina & Meddie
Blue houseo n plot 8 block 29 Kizungu Zone, Makindye
House on plot 10 block 59 Luwafu
Land with house plot 21 block 142 Kiyinda ‘A’ Mityana
House on plot 4 block 32 Entebbe
House on plot 4 block 23 Salama road
Apartments on plot 8 Kansanga
Apartments on plot 12 block 181 Entebbe near botanical
Mercedes Benz UAP 488P Originaly for Micheal Ezra
Property Buziga – Palm Villas
House Bugonga road
Property (with 2 cars) Mityana road Sserwadda Mohammed
Property Chicago (USA) Safina
Block 4 plot 140 Busiro

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