There’s tension mounting in the Good Lyfe camp with fears that Moze Radio could be set to leave. Lately there are fears that the talented vocalist has distanced himself from other crew members as he concentrates on his new found love; his Wandegeya bar named The Soldiers. In fact fears are compounded even further after the singer changed the proposed bar name from The Good Lyfe Office to The Soldiers. Radio is partnering Hi Table boss Simon Rusoke in the Wandegeya bar formerly known as The Link Bar.

Ever since Radio and Rusoke took over management of the hangout, the singer has rarely appeared in public with The Good Lyfe. Instead he is always holed at the bar as he oversees new works. “He camps at Soldiers from morning to morning. He is really into this bar,” said a waiter at the bar. And it is because of

this that Good Lyfe manager Jeff Kiwanuka is concerned Radio’s musical performance will be affected negatively. In fact ever since the bar opened, Jeff has adamantly refused to visit.

The only time he has been close to visiting was when he went to inspect and remained in the car. Insiders say Jeff knows Radio will make lots of money from the bar and this is a problem to him (Jeff). Jeff’s management style has always been total control and he is aware that with Radio having a side business, he will be hard to tame. Lately Jeff, Weasel and the other Good Lyfe members like Bush and Break Kenneth have been appearing in night clubs without Radio. And worse still wherever Weasel is in club, he runs to his brothers Jose Chameleone and AK 47 forcing Jeff to resort to his cigarettes. However some music pundits believe that Radio will return to full normal music business as soon as the bar stabilizes. It remains to be seen!

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