Eva Nakamatte 26,   ..er who is now said to be a fast rising gospel singer, sings about her being New and er.. Born Again in the all the glorious name of christ.

Eva Nakamatte flashes a Glorious smile

Eva Nakamatte flashes a Glorious smile

Xclusive Ug’s ‘One on One’ team caught up with her through one of her Ugandan promoters.

Eva, whose lots of lots in well linked to some of the big shots in the music industry came out to trash the claims about her private life.

She is currently the most favorited upcoming Luganda Gospel singer based in the UK after turning away from secular music.

” She has even recently released a single titled ‘Kitonde Kigya’ which is doing rounds on all airwaves with quiet a following on youtube.” a pal intimitated.


Here is what Eva says about herself;
XclusiveUG: Please Tell us about yourself.

Eva: I once lived in Gayaza though people mistake it for Mpererwe. I am a staunch Christian and musician. I do mainly gospel music, although I did one secular  song  some time back. I am currently based in the UK, where I have lived for 17 years after college.

XclusiveUG: Take us through your education Journey?

Eva: I studied at Taibah Schools for Ordinary , after which i went to Longton School here in the UK.
XclusiveUG: Could you please tell us about your music?

Eva: I have been doing music for a very long time and worked with Promoters like Producer Ronnie, Ray Signature, who has written for me

in the past and Producer Titas who have supported me in this journey.

Xclusive UG:  So where is Henery Tigan and Rema Namakula in all this.

Eva: Henry Tigan is a friend as well as Rema Namakula mukazi watu

XclusiveUG: What are some of the songs you have released so far?

Eva: Oh, they are really many; they include ‘Nyweza’, ‘Yegwe’, ‘Sibesigwa’, ‘Miracle’ and others, although my current single is titled ‘Kitonde Kijja’ which i pray becomes my identity. And is produced by a talented person.

XclusiveUG: Don’t you think your readers need to know about your love life?

Eva: Oh sure, sure. Although I offered my heart and soul to Jesus Christ and God the almighty, I tend to keep ma love life private.

XclusiveUG: We have heard rumours that you were once dating Henry Tigan’s friend too.. how true is that?

Eva: ha ha ha (chuckles) Hell No, Well me and Tigan were close friends and that was it. He  is someone I knew sometime back.  Now I’m totally a changed and responsible woman who is all about Christ.
Xclusive UG: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Eva: I want to be a very successful gospel musician with about 4 albums at least. So I am working on that. I also want to have a successful family.

Xclusive UG: Last words to your yet growing fan base

Eva: I am all a new person and all is in the Name Of God. But again they should see that in “Kitonde Kijja”

Here at xclusive present you with Eva’s latest songs  as we wish her all the best.


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