UGANDA IS known for many things. A huge thirst for alcohol is one of them.

With just 38m citizens, Uganda was once ranked by the World Health Organisation as one of the world’s highest consumers of alcohol. One doesn’t need to look far to attest to this fact.

There are bars in every corner of Uganda, which are nearly always full from dusk to dawn.

Expendables are known for binge drinking

Expendables are known for binge drinking

In Kampala though, social binge drinking groups called booze brigades have taken over. Every evening after work and early on weekends, a select group of friends gang up and swallow the bitter till morning. These groups are patronized by a select group of friends with similar interests. The notable ones that have taken this city by storm are listed below;


The Expendables

These ones started off as a group of friends in the entertainment industry. Patrick Salvador, a renowned former engineer turned comedian leads the pack. The other notable members in the group include Alex Muhangi, Vince Musisi, Sams Kaggwa and a host of other city party going fellows. They mostly hang out at Anne Kansiime’s Kubby’s Bar in Naalya, Legends as well as Centenary Park and have been known to even import Rwandese belles to give them fleshy company as they drown in booze.


The KAP Gang

This one has people from all trades. Journalists, PR executives, Sales

executives, media honchos, students especially from UCU and Kampala businessmen. KAP which started off as group of friends who were organizing themselves to make a fun trip to Kalangala, have since stuck together like glue. The group hangs out at mostly Texas Bar in Kireka, Nexus in Najjera, Inferno in Bweyogerere, Diners in Bukoto and Kalahari in Mukono.


The Booze Bingers

This group’s membership has big names in the Kampala corporate scene. These ones are treated like VIP wherever they go because of the size of their wallets and the choice of drink. They will be found in bars like Zone 7 Mbuya, Misty Bar at the Sheraton, Laville at Village Mall in Bugolobi, Trends Bar and other bars in the neighbourhood. The prominent drinkers in this group include; the Palm Olive Country Manager Harry Mwanje, DSTV’s Phoebe Nakabazzi and a host of Kampala corporate bimbos.


The Media Honchos Group

These ones all work on radio and television. They hang at Legends, Monot Bar Bugolobi, and organize various house parties. The notable faces in the group include sports scribe Andrew Kabuura, radio presenters Deedan Muyiira and Brian Mackenzie, tv presenters Joe Khamadi and Ingrid Nantege. These ones though make merry the last days of the month when they have been paid and tend to hangout in bars with cheaper prices on the other days


The brigades are many and uncountable and cut across many age groups. This is the Kampala way of socializing and bar owners continue to make a killing from the habits.

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