RECENTLY SINGER Jose Chameleone slapped a mysterious lad only to realize he hails from Kifeesi Crew. Now we can reveal that war has sparked between Chameleone and Kifeesi who have decided to hunt down the “Agatako” fame artiste to avenge the humiliating experience visited on their member by Chameleone.


According to an inside source, the kifeesi lad was trying to relieve him of his wallet and phone but at the recently concluded Pauple Party, however Chameleone was smart

enough to catch the guy in the act and taught him a lesson.

But now the other Kifeesi members have got wind of this act and so they want to take revenge on Chameleone.


Our placed sources overhead one of the members promise to show Chameleone the wrath of magma soon.

What they will do to him is not known but knowing how the Kifeesi operates our Doctor had better be worried.

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