REPORTS COMING through our desk indicate Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga could be show the exit.

Robert Kabushenga could be fired

Robert Kabushenga could be fired

According to reports, a board meeting held a few months ago concluded Kabushenga, who has been at the helm for close to ten years, is now a liability to the company and must go.

It is said the meeting agreed Kabushenga leaves the Industrial Area based media powerhouse at the end of the year.

Reports from website Bigeye, the meeting that was heated at many points

raised a number of issues in regards to Kabushenga’s stay Vision Group.

One of those raised was the declining profit margins that have seen the empire lose readership numbers despite being top in the country.

Most critical also, board members cited credibility issues that have overshadowed Kabushenga’s leadership.

Kabushenga is also faulted for masterminding many projects that have hit a dead end. Some of these include; Kampala Sun, Xfm, Pakasa among many others.

This website can also independently reveal that for years Kabushenga has always been linked to former premier Amama Mbabazi, now in opposition.

However Kabushenga has always insisted his allegiance is with President Yoweri Museveni. Some have refused to believe him though.

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