THE MUSIC industry is now segemented into two generations; the old guard that has the likes of Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Julianan among others and the so called New Genaration with the likes of Eddy Kenzo, Sheebah, Ziza Bafana, King Saha and the Kalifahs of this world.

Khalifah Aganaga In Studio With Cindy

Khalifah Aganaga In Studio With Cindy

We cannot fail to mention that last year was undoubtly a Sheebah and Bafana year.

However 2017 seems tricky for them given

that we are just a month away from mid year and there performance hasn’t shone as previous.
On the other hand Kalifah AgaNaga who had a lukewarm 2016 hasn’t consoled himself and judging from the current playlist on top djs like Nimrod, Shiru, Hearts and Ivan Dj he has two songs heavily being rotated. His new hits Nguliko and Omunyankole are doing wonders.

Xclusive UG actually talked to Dj Shiru who thinks Kalifah has to improve on his videos.

Shiru however commended the singer’s singles.
“Anyhow a hit song is a hit song whether it was shot on phone or red camera,” Shiru later emaphasised.

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