King Lawrence has revealed that ‘his brother’ Ivan Semwanga’s wife Zari Hassan has slept with over 50 men, including loaded Nigerians for money.

And all the time, smitten Ivan ‘keeps forgiving her.’ Lawrence made the revelation in a private chat with one Peng Peng, a controversial social media critic. The revelation was posted on facebook just a few hours ago. And it will certainly send shockwaves among Ugandans at how Zari is portrayed a loose woman by her ‘inlaws.’ Lawrence and Zari’s husband Ivan are best friends and share everything. Well, maybe apart from Zari. It must be remembered that last year when Ivan and Zari

fell out over Sharon O Nalukenge, Lawrence could publicly hurl insults at Zari. It later emerged it was Lawrence fuelling the Sharon O/Ivan rumors. At one point he forged a number plate for a Sport Range Rover car and alleged that Ivan had bought it for Sharon.

When Ivan and Zari made up, Lawrence tagged along and would publicly pose for photos with Ivan and Zari. But clearly the two (Lawrence and Zari) don’t get along. Now this latest revelation could be the last straw. Peng Peng claims he has the list of the fifty people to have dated Zari. We are definitely working on availing the list. Ivan or Zari are yet to publicly react… We are watching and details to follow…

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