IT GOES against all maternal instinct; when a mother decides to walk away from her child. While it might be a no-go area for many, in fact, not a topic of discussion that a mother for whatever reason can be separated from her child, it wasn’t the case for a one Lazia Nabbanja formerly a resident of Nansana, a Kampala surbub.


Our sources can now confirm that this 27 year old mother of three- a boy and two girls- didn’t

find it heart smashing when she decided that parenting isn’t for her and worked out an exit plan to go meet her partner in the UK.

According to a close family friend who preferred anonymity, Lazia left the country after the husband caught her in the act with a one Deborah. Lazia took the kids from the husband and abandoned them at her grandma in Luwafu-Makindye.

Family sources tell this website that before her fleeing, the husband helped by a mob of pals had mounted a search for her to punish her for what they termed as an embarrasment.

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  1. paul

    these vermins just need to be utterly burnt to extinction, only then shall our society be free from them


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