Goodlyfe lead Singer Moze Radio-1

Rumors of the Good Lyfe impeding split continue to make the rounds following reports that manager Jeff Kiwanuka is working tooth and nail to have David Lutalo as Moze Radio’s replacement in the crew.

According to latest information on our desk, Jeff has finally convinced Radio’s singing partner Weasel TV that Radio is no longer committed to the Good Lyfe music cause ever since he opened Soldiers Bar in Wandegeya at the start of the year. Jeff has further convinced Weasel that singer David Lutalo can take on Radio’s role as his singing partner. After all, Jeff argues, Lutalo even sung better than Radio in their collaboration song Helena.

Goodlyfe manager Jeff Kiwanuka


And it seems Weasel has fallen for Jeff’s convincing tongue as reports coming through indicate he is willing to part with Radio. It is said that Weasel perfectly understands that since the start of the year Radio has kept quite a distance from the Good Lyfe. As you read this Weasel and Lutalo have already

hit studio and are working on their first song together. For sometime now, reports continue to indicate that music label The Good Lyfe will split soon following disagreements between crew members.

For the last few years there have been rumors of bad blood boiling in the camp but somehow the members have always been intact with no one getting out. Well maybe apart from the not so important Red Banton, Diamond Oscar and Gift Ov Kaddo who quit over the years. The spine of Good Lyfe is Moze Radio and Weasel TV, then the managers Jeff Kiwanuka, Allan Kiwanuka and producer Bushington.

But lately there’s a strong conviction by some sources that Radio and Jeff are no longer on talking terms and this could finally lead to the split of the members. It is known that over the years Radio has never liked the fact that Jeff earns as much as they (Radio and Weasel) do from any contracts they get. And recently their almost- not-there relationship hit rock bottom after Jeff publicly critsized Radio for opening the Wandegeya bar. Ever since the bar was launched, Radio spends over fifteen hours supervising works at the bar, something Jeff doesn’t approve. We are watching

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