By Thomas Kakuru

It’s of great concern to see people being pelted with bottles on stage but again never provoke a hungry lion.

First and foremostst it beats my understanding when I see money minded individuals like Balaam Barugahara blaming these acts on opposition supporters.
Whoever is saying that these artists are beaten because of their political Ideology can they provide evidence of which exact group of Opposition and their Motives or goal?

Let’s stop the irrelevant blame game aiming at malice and negatively branding strong opponents for the sake of fear to compete.

Bobi Wine, the artist was banned from performing anywhere in this country, even if it is his daughters birthday party and we all treated it as right and just.

He now lucks what to eat, school fees is a hard to get but we still treat that as a non issue.
Of recent Mr Moses Saali made statements that there is a law that allows Bebe Cool to sing and talk about politics but that same law doesn’t give the same mandate to Bobi Wine.

For the Big Eye issue, is he the first artist to support?
I recall King Saha, Juliana etc sung in Tubonga Nawe. What has happened

to them ever since?

Did we know that people pay their money to watch an artist? Why do we bring for them speakers instead of singers? I recall the biggest concert Big Eye has staged was in Bwaise.
So how did he climb that ladder to Freedom City?

Hey let’s allow people enjoy their hard earned money in peace and respect.

We also need to know that there has been a group of artists who stage these people to throw bottles so that they can get M7 sympathy and enjoy the tax payers money.

Last but not least, why do we talk of tolerance whenever we talk of pro-government and the opposite to Opposition?
As we talk a number of activists are incarcerated and rotting in cells but if it was pro-NRM, noise would be everywhere.

Why is the Law and Security agencies one sided and you expect a nice treat from the oppressed Ugandans. Recently I had M7 call Hon.Lutamaguzi a kid, but you expect people to respect such a human being?

Are we normal in reasoning? Why do we pretend a lot?

Look, the further we treat people differently the further this intolerance will grow until something erupts.
We better clean our houses and ask for respect after respecting others, tolerance after tolerating other.


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