Namubiru Arrested In Japan



Two theories have come up as to why Iryn Namubiru has been arrested in Tokyo Japan. One is that she was nabbed with a bag of cocaine while some other source claims it was after a misunderstanding with a music promoter.

Xclusive UG understands that right now she is being held as efforts to try and reach the French embassy in Japan remain futile.

Though details of her arrest are still scanty, another source tells Xclusive UG understands that Iryn fell out with her promoter one Kim Ueno, who was organizing the Golden Week Holiday in Japan. Xclusive UG has confirmed that Iryn was set to travel with fellow artistes Dr.

Hilderman and King Michael last Thursday but the pair opted out after the promoter failed to avail them with their performance money and return tickets. However since Iryn had worked with Kim in the Happy Science cult a few years back here in Uganda, she risked and travelled to Tokyo Japan. Her performance was supposed to take place on Saturday May 4 at Yotsukaido Cultural Hall in Tokyo Japan.

According to a source Iryn had expected to earn big and import new music equipment. However Kim was nowhere to be seen after Saturday prompting Iryn to report to Police where she has been questioned.

However we could not verify both theories.

 More concrete details to follow…

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