NBS TV owner Kin Kariisa

NBS TV owner Kin Kariisa

NBS Television is dragging UBC TV to court. According to NBS TV website, the Kamwokya based telly station through it’s legal counsel, Kyazze & Co. Advocates, has initiated the process to seek legal redress from the courts of law after Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) switched off their transmitter, a move the NBS Television counsel has described as illegal and in bad faith.

Through a public notice the NBS counsel refutes earlier allegations reportedly made by UBC Managing Director, Paul Kihika, that NBS owed UBC and had no formal agreement on transmission fees.

This is the public statement from NBS TV:



We have instructions from our client, NBS Television to notify the general public, clientele, sponsors, and viewers of NBS television that there has been an interruption in our client’s services especially in various parts of Central Uganda, caused by an illegal disconnection of its transmitter, by the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), which ultimately led to the disconnection of our client’s signal from 10.47pm on Sunday 15th

June 2014.


There has previously been a legal suit between UBC and NBS, which NBS Television won in the High Court and UBC was ordered to compensate NBS Television for losses incurred. NBS television was authorised to attach UBC’s Assets but UBC proposed to have the matter amicably settled. UBC agreed to set off all the sums owing under the Court decree with NBS’s portfolio which NBS Television in the interest of business agreed to.


However, before completion of the process of set off and reconciliation of accounts between UBC and NBS television, UBC proceeded and illegally switched off NBS’s signal.


We are instructed to take appropriate legal action to forestall the illegal disconnection of our client’s transmitter by UBC, an act we consider to be in bad faith, only intended to cause financial and reputational loss and amounting to sabotage of our client’s business in the competitive industry.


In the meantime, as we pursue appropriate legal redress, we advise you, our clients’ viewers, clients and advertisers and sponsors to accommodate our client and remain calm, as we pursue the necessary and appropriate legal action and further engage the appropriate authorities in the industry. All the inconveniences caused are highly regretted.




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