OVERDOSE!! The Way Women Make Love That Punch Men Below The Pedesto
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Unhappy woman lying on a couch

Unhappy woman lying on a couch

ARE YOU experiencing an emerging physical resistance or emotional distance in your relationship?


Are you at a verge of breaking up? Is there more of a seemingly ‘careless’ man in your life who causes mixed feelings in you as he says he loves you, yet physically you do not see love coming your way???


Many and more stressing situations of the same sound are seriously happening in most new age relationships today. Billions of loving females are nursing breakup wounds in isolation as millions of men continue to seduce and recruit new catches, one after another.


But what really goes wrong in a relationship with warmth and happiness that doesn’t allow intimacy and lovemaking to grow?? Well, i will answer about that. But let me first narrate what i’ve observed for years.


I have witnessed hundreds of gorgeous and and heartbroken loving ladies lament in versions of the following: Samatha, from Nairobi, a mother of one handsome son expressed;… “me and my husband had very admirable love from early days… things started changing after five years…. He started avoiding talking to me…. Until issues multiplied…”. By the time Samatha reported to my facebook office at The NewAge Dating Inc, was crazy and about to file for divorce!


Another Resty from the pearl of Africa was very concerned;… “Richard was my

first man… indeed, he took away everying a woman would give a man!…. After parenting  two kinds, Richard’s moods almost perished from our home!… it begun to appear like its only at home where he finds discomfort…” by the time Resty registered @The newAge Dating Inc to rescue her perishing love, they had fought two times before their young kids!




Now, if you’re reading this literature, here’s the reason why you should continue til the end.


But do you know that you might have been doing certain things without really being aware of it which, that have probably wounded your relationship??


Anyways! Why waste your time with explanations! If you’re in a nagging relationship,


Below are some of the possible reasons why your partner doesn’t feel attraction for you anymore…




  • Acting really needy.


  • Being a bit clingy.


  • Not giving him enough space.


  • Calling him too often.


  • Complaining about things.


  • Being negative.


  • Trying to change him.


  • Asking him to do things he isn’t comfortable with.




Now in order to re-attract him, you will have to do the exact opposite of all the above behaviors. Instead of being needy, you will have to act as if you don’t really need him at all…Yes it might be really difficult, but you will have to act as if you don’t want him anymore if you really want to re-attract him. There is just no other way to do it.


Being needy isn’t attractive, it sends out the message that you are just too dependent on him to feel better about yourself. And letme assure you that no guy wants a woman like that in his life.


I have only expanded little about “being needy”.


For detailed explanation on how to skillfully reverse all behaviors and practices above, join me here: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1458212464509522&ref=bookmarks



About the Writer


Born and raised in Uganda, Mwinebantuki Ambrose is Media& Dating Coach, with a decade-term research and interest in the impact of media, gender and culture on intimacy and relationship development. His emphasis is dedicated to “emotional focusing, social identity and spiritual intimacy. He’s the founder and facilitator at facebook page:  “The NewAge Dating Inc”.



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