ARE you single, searching and frustrated?

There’s only one place to find TRUE LOVE. Well according to Elvis Mbonye and his gang.

The prophet prays for women to find lovers

The prophet prays for women to find lovers

Mbonye is going to Angola

Mbonye is going to Angola


A Picture of prophet Mbonye praying for his lady followers to find love is an instant hit. And we are told the two ladies in the pic

have found their soulmates.

In the picture Mbonye can be seen blessing the fine ladies’ body parts. We are told the two went to Mbonye after failing to find lovers.

But as you read this, they are now hooked and very happy.

Mbonye’s followers have insisted that their leader is a miracle man.

Meanwhile, the ‘man of God’ has landed a lucrative deal to take the gospel to Angola. Sources in Luanda, the Angola capital, tell us Mbonye will be travelling to the Portuguese speaking nation next month.

Just recently we told of how he had inquired about a private jet as he looked to expand to all over the continent.

“He’s getting continental recognition, he is expanding,” one of his followers said.

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