IT IS common saying that journalism is one of the least paying jobs in Uganda, and probably world over.

Natty Dread's magnificent pad

Natty Dread’s magnificent pad

For years, Ugandans have known journalists to be the most financially challenged due to their meagre pay.  And most journos will admit to this.

Not Natty Dread, real name Tony Babara, a celebrated Kampala photojournalist. After years of a superb service to the photo journalism industry, Natty Dread also known as King Natty has constructed a magnificent state of the art country home.

Our sources

reveal that the house is located somewhere in Fort Portal.  For years Natty has been constructing the multimillion pad for quite some time.

Natty Dread

Natty Dread

The house, valued at over Shs500 million, is a storeyed, fully furnished structure with state of the art equipment. It also has expansive gardens.

Natty Dread has been in the photo journalism business for over a decade and has worked for various media houses like Red Pepper among others. He has also taken pictures for presidents Yoweri Museveni and Kenya’s Uhuru Keyatta.

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