Pregnant Juliana Kanyomozi continues her world tour as she makes a stopover in New York in the United States.

For the last two weeks the talented singer has been out of the country on holiday making stopovers in top world cities including Istanbul in Turkey.

Latest sighting was in New York earlier this week.

Hotel where Juliana is staying in New York

Hotel where Juliana is staying in New York

Our eyewitness reporters tell us that she was booked in

Hilton Garden Inn one of the spacious hotels in New York. A room costs around Shs500,000 a night.

Interestingly she is by herself without any company.

She is expected to travel around the world for three months.

The top diva left the country as rumors of her pregnancy gained more ground.


It was revealed that the singer was three months preggars with her second baby.

And as a result she had suspended any musical and public appearances, even turning down shs5 million to perform at the grand reopening of Club Rouge two weeks ago.

Juliana left the country aboard Turkish Airways. She was on seat 17A in the Business Class.

“She had a very big suitcase and had packed Acacia juice,” said an airport attendant.





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