THE money collected from music producer Danz Kumapeesa charity concert… held last Sunday… has gone missing, with just Shs1.8 million availed.

An explanation given by the organizers has left many dissatisfied

An explanation given by the organizers has left many dissatisfied

The fundraiser organizers Jojo Events, we are told, gave the ailing producer’s mom just shs1.8 million of the over shs10 million collected.

According to several outlets, Jojo Events went against a decision that had been taken for the producer’s family to handle gate collections.

According to Danz family, Jojo Events took them out of the cash booth. They say Jojo told them to go enjoy the show, and that

they would balance the money out of the event after the show only to receive shs1.8million a day after the concert (Monday).

However Jojo Events reps tell us they were transparent. They claim they worked closely with Danz Kumapesas family who gave them a one JK (family member) to work with them during the event.

Jojo Events says its team didn’t touch money and that the whole responsibility was given to the said JK, family member of Danz Kumapeesa.

He continues to say he gave 600 tickets to the family to be sold who later returned some tickets meaning not all were sold. Jojo events also say they had expenditure like sound stage and others which they paid for. They further claim they gave the family not shs1.8 million but rather shs2.8 million.




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