The Judiciary Permanent Secretary/Secretary to Judiciary, Mr Pius Bigirimana, is one of the officials taking part in The Hague taking part in the Innovating Justice Forum 2020.

The Innovating Justice Forum 2020 focuses on Financing Justice. The demand for effective justice services from people is huge. But investment in such services is still minimal. The Forum is exploring ideas on what can be done to increase the money streams towards preventing and resolving justice problems.

Mr Bigirimana is part of panel of experts presenting on topics such as Enlarging the Money Pie —debating on how to cost justice, increase revenues and what actually changes lives.

He will equally be a speaker on The Justice Delivery Budget 2025.

Mr Bigirimana said: “Judiciary is a third arm of government that is detached from the political arena and often neglected during resource allocation.

Politicians who approve budgets suffer inability to quantify and appreciate court contribution to national development. Sometimes due to

disputes handled by courts affecting politicians, courts may be deliberately relegated in resource rationing.”

Adding: “…the new justice demands call for innovation of the modern meaning of justice and modern approaches to justice delivery of justice services.”

One of the highlights of the Forum is the screening of a documentary portraying the struggle of Chief Justice, Bart M. Katureebe, and grassroots lawyer Arinda Daphine in their fight for a justice system that cares for its people.

Mr Bigirimana is part of a delegation of Justice, Law and Order Sector actors debating on perspectives on user-friendly justice, informal and formal justice; innovation and research.

The purpose of the Forum is to get a bird’s eye view of the needs for financing justice, understand the dynamics of current financial streams in the justice sector, explore the best innovations and how revenues can be increased, define measurable outcomes to make the case for investment and explore budgeting and public/private partnerships to finance 100% access to justice.


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