Singers Irene Ntale and Ray Signature on Wednesday this week paid heavily for enjoying car romance.

It all happened at Nexus bar in Kampala, where they knocked a businessman’s car and ended up paying dearly to repair it. According to our Snoops, Ray Signture and Ntale had been as rumored,  enjoying themselves at the bar for the best part of the night, enjoying a bottle of Jameson and other booze tribes until they decided to drive off in a Verossa car.

Ntale snapped trying to explain her self at the scene

Ntale snapped trying to explain her self at the scene


However, as they tried to drive out of the parking, Ray who happened to be the man behind the wheels rammed into a blue car that was parked right in front of them. The owner of the car on being called to move his vehicle coincidentally witnessed the knocking as he was moving towards his car. ‘Kavuyo’ started as he asked management to explain why they would carelessly allow drunks to drive irresponsibly.

As he tasked them to take care of the mess, Ray and Ntale just shouted at the guy, ordering him to remove his ‘cheap

car’, claiming that it was a mere scratch.

Ray Signature being the man around Irene, threatened to fight the guy if he didn’t move his car, hurling at him vile swear words in Luganda. But Ntale on the other hand, being a lady, did not keep calm insisting that it was just a mere scratch which happens on daily.

Our Snoops intimate that Ntale also hurled no kind words to the guy claiming he was wasting their time – “..nina emotoka satu.. and this is the cheapest of them, whats a car.. i can leave it here!!” Ntale threatened.

The Bashed Car

The Bashed Car

However, when the Nexus bar Management was called, the artistes also called their manager only identified as Martin, as the victim was adamant and demanded his car to be worked on. Ntale claimed that was a rip off.

The managers however sorted the matter after realising that Ntale and Ray were drunk and would have landed in trouble if the guy had called in police. So in order to calm the guy down, the Bar Management and Martin agreed that Ntale and Ray would meet expenses of repairing the car they had knocked.


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