The trendy talk and much discussed, much-hyped “Men’s conference,” is on and the first bunch of guests have arrived at a secret venue.

All men know the secret venue by the way.

And all real men are expected to attend with a high ranking government official expected to give a keynote speech.

The conference, for emphasis, will is scheduled to take place on 14th and 15th February 2020.
No brainer here. Serious men will be away from home for the next two days.

Men’s conference is a serious three-day event for Uganda men. Its not a plot to escape their partners and responsibilities of Valentine’s day as has been alleged by ungreatful women.

On this day (Valentine’s) pressure is mounted on men by their women making men feel the responsibility to make the day special in a relationship is solely on their shoulders.

On his Facebook page, one of the organisers we can’t name for his safety hinted that he will use his authority as to initiate the process of abolishing Valentine’s day and replace it with a more Uganda centric cultural theme.

Among issues addressed

in his lengthy post is this year’s agenda: Role and place of man in society.

“This year’s conference looks forward to reclaiming the lost glory and fortify the important place of man as head of a family among other issues affecting men”.

Organisers promised to consult with elders and issue a comprehensive report afterwards, “Given the importance of discourse I am inclined to accept the proposal and will in due course issue a comprehensive statement on the way forward after consultation with elders,” a statement reads.

According to organisers, “This conference comes against the backdrop of the diminishing authority of the boychild in Uganda and a un-African attempt by women to ” play men” to detriment of our culture.

A lot of pressure has been unduly put on men resulting in a decline in self-confidence and self-esteem leading to depression and suicide in some cases as reported on some media.

We must “rescue men” and guide them to be men in their homes and areas of influence. One of the sub-themes at the proposed conference is “Gather all, scatter none”. We shall teach men how to love their wives and provide for their families,” a statement from organisers concludes.

Men, hurry we start…

NOTE: Believe this piece at your own risk


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