All is set for Eagles Production singers/lovers Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu’s Shs1.2 billion wedding this Saturday.

The pair will walk down the aisle this Saturday at Lutaaya’s ancestral home in Emityebiri in Kyotera Rakai District. Lutaaya and Namatovu finalized their wedding meetings last week and collected a whopping Shs500 million from pals. His loaded family members, who include Jolly Lutaaya and tycoon Lule Ntake, contributed over Shs300 million. The stag parties (kasiki) have already kicked off with Calender Rest House hosting one last night (Monday), Guvnor (Tuesday), one in Gayaza (Wednesday), Club Ambience Masaka (Thursday) and the last one in Kyotera on Friday.

Choppers have been lined up to transport guests to the wedding venue from Kampala. Lutaaya and Namatovu will exchange vows at St John’s Church Kijabweni Masaka at 11am before hosting guests to a reception at Mityebiri Kyotera at 4pm on Saturday. Booze has been ferried in trailers. The wedding meetings have attracted the who-is-who of Uganda’s entertainment industry.

Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu met several years ago as members of the Eagles Production band. They held their introduction ceremony in April 2010 at Irene Namatovu’s parents’ home in Gayaza.

Lutaaya who is related to tycoon Gaster Lule Ntake will have the wedding graced by Kwagalana Group of wealthy businessmen in Uganda.

Who Is Lutaaya?

Geoffrey Lutaya is one of the founders and directors of Eagles Production Band. He is strongly believed to be the majority shareholder in the twelve year band. The singer has amassed lots of properties. The Nice and Lovely singer owns Durban Hotel in Najanakumbi. The hotel- which has 30 rooms with the cheapest going for Shs45, 000 a night is estimated- at Shs600 million. He also owns three rentals in Namasuba long Entebbe Road where he collects huge sums of money.

He owns two bars, Rendezvous Bar along Busabala Road and Dancefloor Club in Natete. He has eight rentals (apartments) on Salaama Road and others in Bwebajja. He also owns a two storeyed flat in Munyonyo where he stays. Lutaya owns a farm of cattle, sheep and goats in Emityeebiri Kyotera, his home village. He even built a church for his village. Apart from the above, the singer owns a fleet of cars including around twenty taxis (Omnibuses), a blue Jeep Cheroke, two Toyota Harriers and a Toyota Premio that delivers his kids to school.

He is widely believed to be the richest Ugandan musician.

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