Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool has had a cheeky dig at great rivals Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine, just like we predicted.

Some days back, Chameleone on his facebook page wondered whether Bebe Cool can ever fast. Immediately after Chameleone posted, Bebe’s gang of followers attacked Chameleone. And we predicted that it was just a matter of days before Bebe himself joined the fray. And he has indeed, even pulling Bobi into the mix.

This is what he posted:

“My neighbor A n B, it is

at this point that I warn you that u should book your tables now for the 8th AUG BBC-888 coz the way things r going, it would be unfair if I don’t warn u that the tables are getting finished yet on that day, there is a lot for u to learn when it comes to singing/performing and am opening a new page/chapter. I know one of the two is not SERENA material but it’s good for u to learn from the BEST.”

Although he doesn’t mention names, it is clear who he is talking about with the mention of A and B.


You too know…

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