Zari and Diamond never gave sex a break during her pregnancy

Zari and Diamond never gave sex a break during her pregnancy

BEING PREGNANT does not mean that you have to take a break from your sex life.


While your baby is inside, you need to give it all the love you can by eating the right foods and avoiding things that may cause complications during childbirth. However, you should not forget taking care of yourself too and having sex can be a great way to release stress and feel happy. But, not all sex positions are safe for the baby and you need to be careful to not put too much weight on your abdomen.


Here are some sex positions that you can enjoy without worrying about your baby during pregnancy






Spooning is a safe sex position that you can enjoy without any worries. In this sex position, the two partners should lie down sideways like two spoons combined together. The male partner should be behind the female partner and chose an angle of penetration that is comfortable to him. This position is very safe because even if the man is overweight, the baby will not get harm since the mother and father will not get in touch.




Woman on top


Woman on top is another position that pregnant woman can enjoy. In this position, the male partner should lie down on the bed with the female partner sitting on top of

him so as to not put any weight on her abdomen. The female partner is in full control of her movements and she can thrust at a pace she is comfortable with.  You can use this sex position for during the first, second and third trimester.




Reverse cowgirl


This is another great position you can try if your partner finds that the sight of your pregnant belly is making him anxious. It is the same as woman on top with the only difference being that the female partner should face away from the man while thrusting. It is also good because the man will not put pressure on the woman’s belly so the baby is safe.




Lap Top


This again is very much like the reverse cowgirl position. The only difference is that the man should be sitting on a chair instead of lying down on the bed. The male partner must be facing the female partner’s back and the female partner should thrust at a speed she finds comfortable. Try it because having sex during pregnancy is good for you.




Edge of the bed


In this position, the male partner should kneel outside the bed while the woman is lying down on the edge of the bed with her legs down. The male partner should then penetrate in a kneeling position so that no pressure is put on the abdomen to make sure that the baby is safe. And the man should be protective of you such that you may not fall down since you are the edge of the bed.





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